Dingle & Kane, P.A. is in the practice of public accounting, serving clients in various states. The firm was founded in 1989 by Frederick Dingle and William Kane. The Firm maintains a strong commitment to quality service. Effort is made to maintain the quality of our professional services. Services to our clients are rendered in the area of auditing, accounting, taxation, and management consulting. All work performed is carefully reviewed by people trained to review work of others. In addition, specific individuals within the Firm are charged with coordinating the scheduling of work flow, training, and with continually educating our staff and stockholders in various technical areas in disseminating pertinent material to keep our firm abreast of change.

All of our staff and stockholders are committed to maintaining a high level of professional skills through continuing education. All states have enacted laws requiring continuing professional education in the area of public accountancy. We require each of our stockholders and staff to take advantage of formal educational opportunities far in excess of requirements dictated by continuing professional education legislation.

Dingle & Kane, P.A. continually strives to provide service to our profession and to participate meaningfully in local community affairs. Much time and effort is spent in support of our local, state and national professional organizations.